Frequently Asked Questions - I Do Gowns



How do I get started?

Visit the Advertise page, and choose the category you wish to list in. You then simply fill out the submission form, send your photos and make payment.

How long is my dress listed on your website for?

We list your dress for AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO SELL. That's right - we don't charge by the month or year - it's a once-off listing fee. View our Price List for pricing. In the interest of keeping our site up to date, we ask you to advise us asap once you item has sold.

What information should I include in my ad?

You should include all information for your dress eg. measurements (bust / waist / hips / height and cup size etc), designers name, alterations made (if any), condition, has it been dry cleaned, height of heels (if worn), fabric it’s made of, and any additional information you can supply.

Do you charge commission?

No, we do NOT charge any commission on the sale of your dress. We charge a once-off listing fee, and that's it!

How can I modify/change my personal details or the details for my listing (price, description etc)?

At the moment, you can simply email us at [email protected] We'll soon be adding a much better section where you can manage your own details yourself.

Can you blur out the faces in my photos?

Yes, we can - just let us know when you send us the photos. We'll also blur out the faces of any children or bystanders as well.

Can I advertise my accessories?

Yes, we offer the option to advertise your accessories (such as tiaras, veils and shoes), bridesmaids dresses, flower girls and page boys, Mother of the Bride dresses - in short, all sorts of wedding attire!

How will buyers find my listing?

We actively advertise online and offline within the bridal community. We receive thousands of visitors each month - in fact, over 16,000 per month and rising.

How long will it take to sell my wedding dress?

The length of time required for a second hand wedding dress to sell depends on the designer, style, price, age, condition and ultimately, if someone is looking for that style. The average selling time on I Do Gowns is 12 weeks. It can be much quicker (within days), but it can also sometimes take longer - up to a year or longer. If it's not getting enquiries, you should consider reducing the selling price.

How long does it take for my listing to get posted?

Listings are posted multiple times throughout the day. A confirmation email is sent to you when your listing has been posted. Generally a new listing should be placed live online within 2 hours of being submitted to us.

Which pictures should I submit with my listing?

Ideal images include pictures of the front, back and detail of your dress. Images should be submitted in jpg, bmp, pdf or gif format. If you do not want your face in your dress pictures, please let us know and we will crop or blur the images before uploading them. All other children / people's faces other then the bride and groom can also be blurred in the pictures, if you wish.

It's okay to provide a Magazine/Product photo for reference, but you MUST send at least one photo of your actual dress.

I have an interested buyer, now what?

If a buyer has expressed interest in purchasing your gown, you need to both agree to the terms of the sale:

1) The agreed on selling price.
2) When and how payment will be made.
3) Will the gown be shipped and how much postage and insurance will be.
4) Method of payment

We strongly suggest Cash, Direct Deposit or Paypal as payment options.

It is very important to clarify all of these details directly between the buyer and seller.

Additionally, we strongly advise that you do not ship your gown until full payment has been received.

How do I know whether my buyer is genuine?

If you have the slightest concern regarding an email you have received please forward it on to us. There are scammers out there and usually the email will contain bad English, bad grammar or just seem "odd" - this is the first sign that all may not be well. It is usually from a man too.

Will I Do Gowns buy my dress from me?

No - we offer the facility to list your dress for sale online only. With, you keep the dress at your home until someone views it and then purchases it.

How do I work out what to sell my dress for?

Your dress will have significant value to you - both in monetary and emotional terms. However a second hand dress will not have the same value as what you originally paid for it. The best way to decide what price to sell it for is to think about what you would be willing to pay for it second hand. Alternatively, add "ono" to your listing if you are willing to take an offer. We recommend between half (50%) to a third (35%) of the total cost price including any dry cleaning done and accessories included.

Do I have to have people coming to my home to try on my dress?

The most important thing to keep in mind with your safety is how you would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. Where would you expect to go to view/try on a wedding gown?.

Advice for in home viewing.

1. Ask a friend or family member to come for coffee at the same time (It's usually best if they are female - that way you won't make the buyer feel uneasy, plus they can help fit the gown on the buyer)

2. Always be prepared - have the dress and any other accessories laid out and waiting (It's not good if you have to fish around in a cupboard!)

3. Use the closest accessible room to the front door so they aren't walking through your home (even a lounge or dining room can work)

4. Make sure if it is not a bedroom that there is privacy for the person trying on the dress - either a make shift screen or curtained area.

5. Try to provide a scarf to cover her face if she is wearing makeup to protect your gown and always be on hand to do up any zippers etc.. (you don't want your dress ruined)

6. Try to get as much contact information for the buyer as possible (Most legitimate buyers will be happy to give you contact details)

If you really don't want someone coming to your home, here are some other suggestions:

1. Take the dress to them either to the buyers work place or their home (You can always take someone with you again but let the buyer know as she may feel the same about people coming to her)

2. A public cafe is great but will make it difficult to try on the gown.

3. Your workplace can sometimes work better (this depends heavily on where and what you do of course!)



How often is your site updated?

I Do Gowns is updated multiple times a day, with new listings and price reductions. Additionally, gowns that have been sold are marked accordingly. All sold gowns are removed and a reference is placed in our recently sold items page.

What if the dress I want is not listed yet?

New listings are placed on our site daily. You can become a Fan of I Do Gowns on Facebook, to be notified of the latest listings posted.

How do I contact a seller?

It's easy - when you find the dress that you love, just click on the Contact Seller button on that item's detailed listing page. Your enquiry gets sent to the seller, who can then respond directly to you.

What happens if I cannot reach the seller of a gown I'm interested in?

If you've tried to reach a seller by the Contact Seller button, but have not been able to contact them, please email us at [email protected] We have additional contact information for each seller that we can use to help you reach them. Please include the listing number of the gown you are interested in.



How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card (via PayPal), Cheque, Money Order or Direct Deposit to the I Do Gowns account.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No, you don't - it can make it easier to pay if you do have one, but you can just pay through PayPal without signing up for an account.

What's the quickest way to get my item listed?

Paying via Credit Card will help get your item online quickly. Just make sure to send your photos as well!

Does my listing get placed online straight away?

We'll list your wedding item as soon as we receive payment. If paying via Direct Deposit, we wait until your payment shows in our account, before listing it (that's also why it's important to put your name in the reference field if paying by Direct Deposit!).

If paying by cheque or money order, we wait until it's cleared before listing your dress.

How much is it to list a Wedding Dress with you?

It's only $34.95 to list a second hand wedding dress for sale on I Do Gowns. For our other items, please view our Price List.

Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds for items that have been listed on our site.



If you've got any other questions that we haven't covered above, please email us at [email protected], and we'd be delighted to help you!